Crossing Savage Cover

Book Review: Crossing Savage by Dave Edlund

Wow, there are so many aspects of this book that make me love it! First of all, I love about 45 minutes from one of the main cities, Sacramento, and I visit there all the time, which makes this story even cooler. Second, I have visited McClellan Air Force Base and to have it in [...]

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The Angelites Book Cover

Book Review: The Angelites by Richard Moran

Nobody ever said being a cop was easy, but when it turns into a battle between good and evil beings, the job is ten times worse. Gina goes from what she thinks is a bad situation to a calm situation, but she couldn’t be more wrong. She has no idea that she’s about to step [...]

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Lee Archer

Who Wants to Be a Writer and Be Fit? I Do!

All right, this post is definitely off the beaten path for my typical post, but I heard some disturbing news today. Granted, I’ve heard variations of it before, but never put quite like this: “Sitting every day for work is as harmful to your body as smoking.” Whoa! Okay, I’m a writer and I get [...]

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